Adding a new customer - How to add a customer and a guide to the customer screen.

Introduction into pipelines - how to setup a simple workflow and create custom fields.

CRM News and Tips

Cloud vs On-Premise CRM - Which is the better choice for your business? Hosted on-premise or using a clound based CRM system.
Keeping your CRM GDPR compliant - Tips on how your CRM software can help keep the the right side of GDPR and the UK and Europe.
Best workflows to use in a CRM - A guide on what workflows may work well for small businesses using a CRM.
6 Tips for converting leads into sales - Techniques that will help you improve your lead conversion.
Why should I use a CRM? - The top 5 benefits on why you would use a CRM/customer database.
What is a CRM? - Introduction into what a CRM system is.
Best alternatives to Salesforce - What are the alternatives to Salesforce CRM.
CRM tips for GDPR - How using your CRM can help you stay compliant with GDPR rules

Technical Documentation

Customer Database API - Import leads from your website examples.

Manage Your Customer Relationships Like A Pro

Designed for small business the Customer Database App can help you communicate with your customers more effectively. Open up sales opportunities that may have otherwise been missed or taken to much time to pursue before.