The easiest way to manage your customer relationships

A small business CRM system that helps you manage your sales, marketing and customer interactions
Customer Database Software

Minimal setup required

Get started within a minute then import customer information from excel or csv
Simple Pricing
Now free for the first 500 users.
No Waiting
You can start straight away today, simply choose a username and password and away you go.
Easy To Customise
Customise the type of information you hold about your customers as well as reports and overviews of your sales pipeline.
Integrate your website to feed new enquires straight into the app.
Import / Export
Simple import and export to and from CSV makes it easy to should your ever want to move your data.
Online and Mobile
If you are out and about with a customer or back at the office you can access Customer Database App via a web browser on a computer or mobile phone.

Manage Your Customer Relationships Like A Pro

A CRM system designed for small business that will help you communicate with your customers more effectively. Open up sales opportunities that may have otherwise been missed using our customer database software.